My friend gave me a hot pouch from Iron Armour, I needed one that I could put my flat iron or curling iron into and throw into my cabinet/luggage with out any worries. I’ve used other types of hot pouches before and was always a little worried about their ability to contain a 450º iron. I feel that the Iron Armour pouch has more of a professional quality built into it than your average hot pouch. Although others have claimed that their hot pouch had the most professional quality there was, I have always felt more confident using the Iron Armour pouch than the other brands. Once I put my flat iron into the Iron Armour pouch without turning it off, by accident of course. I came back in 10-15 minutes, and when I realized my flat iron was still on I immediately turned it off. Surprisingly, there was no damage to the pouch, my bathroom, or the flat iron! That proves to you how reliable the Iron Armour pouch really is. Thanks Iron Armour!

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