Always on the go? Protect yourself and your belongings with the Iron Armour Pouch.

The Iron Armour Pouch serves as a heat resistant carrying case, while also protecting your surrounding belongings. The design offers premium protection and functionality that professional stylists demand. Simply unplug your favorite hot iron, place it in the Iron Armour pouch, tuck the cord in the back pocket and you are good to throw your pouch and iron safely into a drawer or bag without fear of fire or melting hazards. Iron Armour’s unique materials dissipate heat quickly and will universally fit many brands and styles of hot irons.


Features include:

  • Quick Heat Dispersion
  • Heat Resistant In Excess Of 400° F
  • Includes Additional Pocket For Cord Storage and Combs
  • 12″ Long, 4.25″ Wide
  • Expands Up To 3”
  • Universally Fits Most Curling Irons and Flat Irons
  • One Year Warranty