Iron Armour Glove


SKU: IAG-0001.

Improve your efficiency and safety with the Iron Armour Glove.

This innovative and heat resistant glove was created with top stylists in mind. Prevent burns and significantly decrease your smoothing treatment time with this unique design.

Made from a special blend of meta-aramid fiber similar to those found in flame retardant racing suits, the Iron Armour Glove can withstand direct heat in excess of 400° F without transferring that heat to your skin. The Iron Armour Glove was specifically designed to withstand the demands of professional use by protecting you from the heat generated by swipe after swipe in heat styling treatments. With our lightweight material, and versatile heat resistant thermoplastic comb design alongside an open pinky, you will maintain the dexterity and versatility you demand when styling hair.

Features Include:

  • Meta-aramid fiber – Lightweight & Heat Resistant to Over 400° F
  • Attachable Heat Resistant A-symetrically Shaped Thermoplastic Comb to Control Tension & Increase Efficiency
  • Comb Attachment Points on Multiple Fingers
  • Open Pinky Design for Dexterity and Parting Ease
  • Versatile Tool Works With Heat Styling Products Such As Flat Irons and Curling Wands
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes, Including: XS,S,M,L,XL**
  • One Year Warranty

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As a busy professional hairstylist, I have many clients that receive keratin smoothing treatments. Having very curly hair, I receive them myself. It’s a fairly long process that involves many steps. Having had the opportunity to use a prototype of The Iron Armour Glove, it definitely shortened the amount of time it took to complete the process. Easy to use, and this is a big one, no more burned fingers! My personal stylist, also uses The Iron Armour Glove and he uses it on my own hair regularly. I would completely recommend this glove to other hairstylists.
Vicki Clemens-
I was running late for my hair smoothing treatment and my hairdresser had a fully booked schedule. He used the Iron Armour glove to straighten my hair, which virtually cut the time down by 30-45 minutes. My smoothing treatment looked AMAZING! My hairdresser was happy because it kept him on his busy schedule, and I was happy too. You know you NEVER want to be the one to push your hairdresser behind and throw off their day! The Iron Armour Glove is the best invention ever!