Secret Technique for Perfect Highlights!

Stylists if you are anything like me you spend a good part of your day highlighting hair. Have you ever been in the situation that I used to find myself in occasionally, where you would step back after completing a customer’s highlights and notice that you missed a section!?! A giant chunk of brown (or other color) blatantly evident in the sea of even blonde highlights! That is certainly not how I want my clients to look when they leave my salon!

I also have a lot of clients requesting highlights in a certain area – maybe they want to frame their face or they wear their hair up a lot and want to showcase that style with more blonde. Trying to give your clients even highlights, with special concentration on certain areas of the hair is not an easy task.  Add in other factors like your clients’ busy schedule, your schedule or crazy thick hair it is easy to get lost in the pressure. and The result is a chunk of brunette where blonde should be!

A couple of years ago after one such highlight too many I was determined to find a solution! I came up with the idea of mapping. Mapping is where you place small dots on your client’s head with a sharpie as a guide and the result is the perfect highlight every time! Place the dot on your client’s head exactly where you want the highlight to go and follow the pattern when picking up hair for foils.

Mapping can be done in a variety of ways depending on your end goal:

  • The dots might be concentrated along the part, if the goal is to achieve even placement of blonde.
  • If the desired outcome is a face framed with blonde, then place the dots just behind the hairline.
  • If you always seem to miss a spot in the crown of the head or get lost in a section of thick hair, then highlight the section by mapping.

Mapping takes a few minutes of pre-planning but the results and the time you save will make for a happy client and a confident stylist. Try out this simple step just one time and you will change the way you approach applying highlights!

If you have any questions about our mapping technique or highlighting in general please don’t be shy, ask in the comments section.

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  • Ty Michael EdmisonAugust 19, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Sounds like great idea but what about people that might be allergic to ink? Might come by and watch! Learn best by example!


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