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I can’t believe it has already been a week since we made our big debut in the industry at IBS Las Vegas. It may have been years in the making and months of planning for this first show but until you are actually in the booth branded for your company demoing your product it doesn’t feel have the same tangibility. I mean we finally hit that milestone of attending our first industry event and got to show the Glove and the Pouch to some of the industry’s starts and influencers… it doesn’t get better than that!

Kevin and I thought that it would be a great recap for the show to share our “High and Even Better List” (after all there were no lows so this can’t be a “High and Low List”). So I complied our high points to share with you guys.

  • Thank goodness for powerful air conditioning at the Convention Center as Las Vegas hit a record high of 116 degrees.
  • We hit our desired sales numbers based on the percentage of attendees. Because of Father’s Day and other upcoming industry events attendance was a little low compared to previous years.
  • It was very exciting to have the opportunity to demonstrate the products to our peers and distributors and we received phenomenal feedback – people loved them!
    • Most of the comments we received were about how great the glove fit, how stylish it is and how the quality exceeded any expectations.
    • The comb on the Iron Armour glove blew people away. They might say that they own a glove but we won them over with the comb.
    • What was most exciting to us was the look on people face as they put the glove on. Over and over again people would get this questioning look in their eye right before they started to slide the glove on and once it was fully on they would break out into a smile.
    • One stylists who tried out the glove even developed a new technique for beach curls using the comb.  It’s amazing seeing real stylists’ using our product in ways that fit their personal needs!
  • There were a lot of Celebrity Stylists there who tried out our products and to see such a great reaction from people who have such a great influence in the industry brought it home and reminded us why we are going on this venture.
  • One of the Celebrity Stylists we met was Martin Parson, aka the “Hair god” (especially when it comes to doing updo’s). It was like a dream come true to watch him with our products!  I’ve followed his career through the years – I use to buy his VHS tapes back in the day to give you an idea of how long I’ve been learning from him – so it was a dream come true to finally meet him. He was very nice and positive about our products and he showed a big interest in our future success.
  • I was working two irons (one flat iron and one 1 & ¾ inch curling iron) at the show and I forgot the cylinders to hold the irons in while they are in use. Guess what… I used two of our Iron Armour pouches instead. I kept them plugged in from 10-6 for three days and not only did the pouch sustain the trial but it exceeded our expectations as their original design was to be used when traveling and to dissipate the heat of an iron once turned off!
  • We met a lot of interested distributors at the show and our products made a huge impact with them.  After receiving very positive feedback from those distributors we feel that they will play a huge part in Iron Armour’s future success.

Overall it was an excellent premiere for us! We enjoyed talking to the stylists, the distributors and other companies with booths and hearing about their products and experiences. It was fun to hear everyone’s stories. When we are working on our product line we spend a lot of time thinking about our target market and their needs as a stylist, but it was fun to actually meet and demo to literally hundreds of them and receive their real time input. We were reminding how versatile the products are and that we are solving real problems for stylists. We made a great deal of connections at the show with both individuals and companies and we are looking forward to working with those people and taking the Iron Armour product line to new heights in the near future.

And we are already preparing for our next show! Thank you again to all of you who have supported us in getting this far and for believing in us!

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  • Trace KennedyJuly 3, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Way to go! Had no doubt you would knock it out of the park! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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