How to Achieve Perfect Beach Curls with Any Styling Tool

We are well into spring which means summer is right around the corner.  Depending on where you are located that either means that the snow is starting to melt or rainy days are making way for gorgeous sunny ones.  Either way summer dresses, tans and best of all beach curls are beginning to make their appearances.

Last year, Beach curls were a huge trend and this year they are expected to be just as popular.  There is no other hairstyle that says summer quite like the beach curl!  It works for any occasion, looks even better when it is slightly windswept and is achievable for most hair lengths.  And now thanks to the Iron Armour Glove you can drastically cut down on the time spent styling your own hair or a clients’, giving you more time to enjoy the sun!

The Iron Armour glove is a comb and heat protection tool all in one light-weight glove that still allows for full dexterity for stylists and consumers.  Before I started using the IA glove on beach curls I struggled to achieve perfect curls all the time.  I would either burn myself while trying to twist the hair around a curling iron, lose too many strands because I couldn’t keep them smooth on the wand, or they would be inconsistent because I didn’t always have total control over the tool I was using.  Now I am always in control over my irons and the 400 degree heat doesn’t scare or hurt me because with the glove I can touch the iron directly and it is hardly warm.  Also thanks to the comb I can section and comb through tangled hair faster.

The time its takes me to achieve perfect curls on a customer’s head or for my customers’ to style their own hair has drastically decreased.  With the glove all you have to worry about is curling a section of hair and moving on to the next – you won’t burn yourself and your technique can be more consistent whether you are a seasoned hairstylist or consumer just learning to curl.

A quick note for my hairstylist friends… this glove has saved me a lot of time and therefore money.  I have cut out about 15 minutes on styling the average head with curls, which for a recent wedding party equated to a time savings of an hour and half.  I can now safely book more clients in a day and the glove easily paid for itself in just that one use.

Recently, I created a video to showcase how easy it is to get perfect beach curls with our Iron Armour Glove and whatever heat styling tool you might have at home or in your salon.  I demonstrated with a flat iron, a c-iron and with my curling iron.  It shows just how versatile the glove works with different tools and how to achieve a few different types of beach curls.  Check out the video and determine which method gives you the curl you or your clients’ desire.

Please let us know if you have any questions about achieving perfect beach curls or the Iron Armour Glove.  And follow us on Youtube for the latest styling techniques using an Iron Armour Glove.

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