How Often Should I Get Maintenance Done On My Hair?

“How often do I need to visit my stylist to get “x” done? This is a question that clients are always asking themselves, friends and is a topic discussed in popular beauty and fashion magazines. It is actually a tricky question to try and generalize because how often depends a lot on the style and the health of your hair. But I know it is a hot topic so I will tell you what I tell my clients.

A couple of things to keep in mind… Before setting up a maintenance schedule I would consult with your stylist. I know everyone has some type of budget and I’m not telling you to break the bank to get into the salon every x number of weeks.

The following tips will serve as good guidelines to ensure that your hair is fresh and that your stylist and most importantly you are proud of your hair.



The reason you need to get your haircut on a regularly interval is not really for the style! Your layers and shape will hold for 3-4 months (depending on the style), but regular cuts keep your hair healthy, strong and will help it to grow. We damage our hair everyday with the amount of heat that we use, products that we don’t fully wash out and environmental toxins of which you have no control. The only way you can keep your hair healthy and strong is to regularly cut off the damaged ends revitalizing the entire head.


  • Men: 4 weeks on average between cuts.
  • Women: 5-8 weeks on average between cuts.
    • 5-6 weeks for short or unhealthy hair.
    • 6-8 weeks for medium to long hair.



Not getting your hair colored on a regular basis is probably the most apparent maintenance issue. Your grey or natural color starts showing at the roots and all of a sudden you hate your hair. As a general rule, when you decide to do all over color you are signing up for more frequent appointments.

Highlights, depending on the style might not have as obvious grow out. For example if you are a brunette and getting just a few blonde streaks put in, the grow out can be hidden a bit. Whereas, if you are getting thicker highlights or covering most of your head with blonde highlights you will need more regular touchups.


  • Overall color, not covering grey: To maintain the color your stylist intended, you need to visit every 8 weeks.
  • All over color to cover grey: To start out I recommend doing a solid color all over, with highlights and lowlights to add dimension. Then do base break (which is when you just cover the grow out with the shade that was used for the all over color) the next visit. I recommend visiting your stylists every 4-5 weeks and doing a base break every other time.
  • Highlights: Like I mentioned above, the frequency depends a little bit on the amount of highlights. But scheduling an appointment every 8-10 weeks is a good rule of thumb.
    • Bonus Tip: With highlights it is important to change it up a little bit with the season and to help your hair keep its dimension – the bleach blonde highlights are gorgeous but you want to mix in some low lights every so often to break up the blonde.


Everyone’s hair is unique so again these are just some guidelines for you to keep in mind and a good place to start when discussing the subject with your stylist. If you have any questions about the topic or your specific hair please comment (and leave picture!) and I will get back to you ASAP.


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