A Perfect Pair: Brazilian Blowouts and the Iron Armour Glove

Have you every looked at a Celebrity or model in a magazine and envied their hair? How it is so sleek, smooth and frizz free but yet it still has volume? You probably came to the conclusion that particular person’s hair was photo-shopped or they were just blessed with good genes. Well I’m going to let you in on a secret – their long legs and natural beauty might be genes but their hair is not! More than likely they have gotten a Brazilian Blowout.

In case you don’t know what a Brazilian Blowout is -or maybe you have heard some inaccuracies – let me fill you in:

A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing hair treatment that can be customized for your unique hair while improving its overall condition and helping to protect from future damage. The bonding technology improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. This smoothing treatment is ideal for all hair types and offers the benefit of no line of demarcation. There is also no down time, in other words no waiting three days to exercise or wash your hair! It is a great way to rid yourself of frizzy hair and fly-aways, cut down on styling time and treat damaged hair.

It was while I was getting certified for this treatment that the idea of the Iron Armour glove came to me. One of the steps in a Brazilian Blowout is to flat iron the product covered hair until it is VERY straight. This requires keeping constant tension on the hair to make sure the roots are tight and the hair stays straight. This is hard to do holding a normal comb. But you don’t want to touch the hair because it has been heated up to 450 degrees from running the hot iron through numerous times.

Do you see know why the glove was created? The unique design of the Iron Armour glove allows stylists to keep tension on the hair and roots, separate or part with the comb, and eliminates burns when you the client’s hair. It does all of this while saving the stylist and the customer time in the salon. The Iron Armour Glove and the Brazilian Blowout are a perfect pair.

If you are a stylists take your Brazilian Blowout up a notch by saving time, keeping better tension on the hair and protecting your hands by buying an Iron Armour Glove today! Customers you can save your fingers and cut down on your heat styling time whether you have a Brazilian Blowout or not – buy your glove today!


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