7 Hair Travel Tips

Summer time is for traveling! That has always been my philosophy, but I probably take it more to heart now because I am based in Dallas. Texas. (I love Dallas for many things, but gah our summers are hot!) I am actually getting ready to kit off my summer traveling today. The Iron Armour team and I are headed to Las Vegas for our first major show – IBS Las Vegas! So packing tips are on my mind.

Also I’m sure a lot of you are planning on traveling during the next couple of months so it seems like a great time address one of the topics I get asked a lot as a stylists – what products and tools should I take with me when I travel?


Steven Davis’s 7 Travel Tips:

1. Put Your Normal Shampoo & Conditioner into travel containers:

There is no need to bring your giant bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner. Target, Walgreens/CVS and even Wal-Mart have a great selection of empty travel size containers. You can then dump a small portion of your shampoo and conditioner into two of those containers.

Another option is to buy travel size shampoo and conditioner. This can work if you can find your brand in travel size, but often times even if you get lucky, it is going to be way more expensive per oz. than your larger bottle. I encourage my clients to stick with their normal brands when traveling because you hair needs some consistency amongst the change of climate and humanity.

 2. Bring just your 1-inch flat iron, not your curling iron:

The only hair tool you need is a 1-inch flat iron as it gives you more flexible for the space. You can straitening your hair or curl it with this tool (check back in July for our upcoming blog post “6 Ways to Style Your Hair with Your Flat Iron”).

Don’t forget to take use your Iron Armour Pouch to protect the flat iron while traveling and more importantly to safeguard your clothes and other items from the heat – I know that that last thing that you put in your bag will be your flat iron! If you don’ have a pouch yet, click here to buy now.

 3. Do bring a hair dryer:

I know that most travel guides tell you to do the opposite to save space and because most hotels have a hair dryer. But the truth is hotel blow dryer can often damage your hair because they are not of professional quality and most of the time they might even be partially broken which causes uneven heat distribution.

I’m not saying you have to lug your huge hair dryer all around Europe! I’m recommending that you buy a professional grade, travel hair dryer. The Babyliss model works great!

 4. Find non-aerosol Hairspray & Mousse:

The normal aerosol containers for hairspray and mouse cannot be brought on the plane if you are carrying on and they can even be a problem in your bag if you check it. I suggest finding a non-aerosol version that you like and/or is the equivalent of your current brand. Then you can either transfer the product to a generic bottle or buy the smaller size. I recommend N4 products if you are looking for a good non-aerosol hairspray and mousse, plus they sell travel sizes.

 5. Steven’s solution for creams and other products:

If you have run out of your generic bottles when it comes time to pack you other products, don’t worry I have a nifty solution. Get a small Ziploc bag from the kitchen, then put about how much product you think you will need for your trip. Then when you get to your destination jut cut a small corner in the bag and start using it.

6. Put all of your hair products in one plastic baggy:

Now that you have gathered all your products together it is usually a good idea to put everything in large (or very large) Ziploc bag. That why if anything is jarred around or spills during your travels it won’t ruining your clothes or other items.

 7. Lastly, through in a few Velcro rollers in your suitcase:

Velcro rollers are cheap and don’t take up much room, so I always tell my clients to thrown in 2-3 into their suitcase. You never know how the change of climate will effect you hair plus you might not have all your products…so these rollers could be what separates you from flat hair.


I have to go finish packing now but feel free to leave a comment if you have questions about my travel tips! If you are in Vegas please come see us at Booth #5451 at IBS Las Vegas!

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