How to Embrace the Season with Your Hair

Fall is a season filled with transitions. Depending on where you live there will either be a slow transition from summer to winter or going from bathing suits to snow suits might happen in the blink of an eye. Trees and other plants exhausted from the summer heat will begin to shed their leaves or blossoms in preparation for a new life.  As humans we will say goodbye to our tans, summer clothes and sun damaged hair and try to embrace pale skin, layers, and FIND solutions to fix damaged hair.

Fall is a great time to start the transition to a new hair color or style. My goal with my clients is to use the fall seasons to take them from their summer to winter color.  If done properly it will be a gradual transition that is complete by mid December.

If you have bright blonde highlights in the summer I recommend starting to add darker low lights to your treatment.  Stylists, if you and your clients have a goal of naturally transitioning, be sure to frame the face with a lighter color for less of a shocking change.  Concentrate the new shades towards the back of the head and scatter them up front; then add more highlights at subsequent visits.

For clients that prefer all over color I recommend going with a slightly darker shade for the fall; the color should still be light but a step or two darker than what you had.  Again, the idea is to slowly get them to their darker winter color but by only going slightly darker each visit. The change might not be noticeable to their friends and family immediately but that’s ok.

As for styling, fall is not usually the time that clients want to cut off their hair, and that is especially true this year.  The style predications for this year mostly highlight long locks with a slight curl.  With that said, cute bobs, both asymmetrical and straight are always a fun haircut in the fall/winter and great way to start fresh in this transition season by cutting off damaged hair.  If a client wants a change but hasn’t committed to a specific color or style goal, encourage them to try something different but not as drastic. This could be as simple as parting their hair down the center versus off to the side or cutting a few layers around their face.

Look for our next article “The Colors of Fall” to find out which hair colors are perfect for the fall season.

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